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Jaly's Crisps

Origins and Philosophy

This company was founded in July 2011 with the enthusiasm of a young entrepreneur from the region of A LIMIA in the province of Ourense. We came to be due to the desire to undertake and create wealth for the people of our region. Would there be a better way to do so than to transform the best product we have in A LIMIA… POTATOES.

Our desire to work and serve our public as soon as possible speaks for itself, and this is endorsed with best product guarantees. We are currently frying in our facilities at the Xinzo de Limia industrial estate using two pans specially designed to fry potatoes in an artisan way while maintaining all the flavour and quality the product has to offer.

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servicio tradicional de calidad

Traditional potatoes

Jalys crisps come from xinzo de limia, where they are harvested Around 100 million kilogrames of potatoes. For that reason jalys Are unique. We select the best product in the origin through an Annual monitoring of harves. We use the "agria" variety, of Yellow skin and with 22% of dry matter, which gives us a taste and An unmatched texture.

Fries in pan

Our frying method is the traditional one, using two giant pans to Make a fine bath in refined sunflower oil as has been done in our Houses all life. Here is where we mix the best potato in the world With sunflower oil supplied by oils april following very high Quality standards


Our products are in the majority of supermarkets and we are Able to serve in any point of the peninsula in just 24 hours, guaranteing a maximum freshness of our product.

Commercial exhibitors

We have exhibitors adapted to any horeca business.

Production chain

We carry out all our orders on demand from our clients with a maximum limit of 24 hours. We do not have stock, we simply Manufacture when customers order from us, thus guaranteeing Extraordinary quality

Own vehicles

We are personally in charge of distributing all orders.