Jaly’s, crisps that will go down in history

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We wanted to make history, and we did! Jaly’s crisps has become the first brand in the world to market crisps with the PATACA DE GALICIA designation of origin. As could not be otherwise, they are Galician potatoes fried at low temperature with 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Mineral Salt from the Añana Salt Valley.

Jaly’s will be the first company in the world to make crisps with potatoes with a protected designation of origin.

History of Jaly’s Crisps

Jaly’s Crisps come from Xinzo de Limia, where 100 million kilos of potatoes are harvested each year, 10 of which correspond to the Pataca de Galicia designation of origin. The way in which we treat the product under strict quality control carried out by the Regulatory Council of the Protected Geographical Indication, Pataca de Galicia, guarantees us the best selection of the raw material.

Our facilities in Xinzo de Limia are adjacent to the fields to be harvested. We select the best local product through annual crop monitoring.

We present the new Jaly’s IXP variety bag of crisps

Jaly’s IXP variety uses white-skinned Galician potato, with 20% dry matter. This potato is under the Protected Geographical Indication, Galicia.

To make the most of this natural flavour, the frying process must be optimal. Therefore, Jaly’s IXP variety potatoes are fried in a frying pan with a light oil bath, thus being made in the most traditional way possible.

If you want to try them, you can buy them at any Carrefour and through our own online store.

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